Carolan Festival Worcester, VT

Our festival is a gathering of people who play, listen, sing, or dance to
the music of Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), Irish harper and composer.

Old Music Project Website with all 214 Carolan Tunes (click) - music, midi files

The Carolan Index (Doc's Workshop): website with all 214 Carolan Tunes (click) - arrangements, midi files, background, etc.: website with all 214 Carolan Tunes (click) - arrangements, midi files, background, etc.


The ***NEW (as of June 2014)*** Carolan Tune Book is now available (80+Tunes). Beautifully engraved by Nancy Taube- uniform formatting and easy to read!

Spiral binding & color cover: $15. ($19 incl. S&H)

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List of Carolan Tunes in the Festival Tune Book (***unless otherwise noted):  Italicized tunes have been played at our previous Festivals  The O'Sullivan # in (  ) is listed after each title. 

Athenry, Lady  (1) 

Athlone (~214- appendix) **Not in Tune Book**

Betagh, James (4)

Beauty in Tears (from O'Neill) **Not in Tune Book**
Blayney, Lady (5)

Blind Mary (182)

Brabazon, George first air (6)

Brabazon, George second air (7)

Brown, Margaret Maggie's Favorite Jig (180) Tunes without titles- "Planxty Brown"

Burke, Sir Festus (9)

Burke, Isabella (12)

Burke, Planxty (14)

Burke, Thomas (13) 

Carolan's Cap (183)

Carolan's Concerto or Mrs. Power (154)

Carolan's Cottage (184)

Carolan's Cup (185)

Carolan's Devotion or Miss Fetherston (48) **Not in Tune Book**

Carolan's Draught (186)

Carolan's Dream (187)- variation on "Molly MacAlpin", composed by William Connellan

Carolan's Farewell to Music (188) 

Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady (190)

Carolan’s Ramble to Cashel (191)

Carolan's Receipt or Dr. John Stafford (161) 

"Carolan's Welcome" (171) Tunes without titles

The Clergy's Lamentation (207)

Cole, Mrs. (15)

Coote, Sir Charles (18)

Cremonea (192)

Crilly, Planxty (21)

Cruise, Bridget first air (26)

Cruise, Bridget second air (27) 

Cruise, Bridget third air (28)  

Cruise, Bridget fourth air (29) 

Cusack, Richard (30) **Not in Tune Book**

The Dark, Plaintive Youth  (193)

Davises, The Two William (203) - words by Carolan; variation on "Killiecrankie", composed by Thomas Connellan

Dillon, Luke (39)

Dodwell, Edward (40)

Drew, Planxty (41)

Drury, John first air (42) 

Drury, John second air (43)

Edwards, Mrs. (45)

The Fairy Queen (195)  

Farrell, Mrs. (47) **Not in Tune Book**

Fetherston, Miss or Carolan's Devotion (48) **Not in Tune Book**

Gethin, Lady (51)   

Goulding, Miss (23)   **Not in Tune Book**

The Hawk of Ballyshannon or Katherine O'More (134)- variation on "Port Atholl", composed by Rory Dall O'Cathain  **Not in Tune Book**

Hewlett (56)

Higgins, Captain (57)   **Not in Tune Book**

Inchiquin, Lord  (58)

Irwin, Colonel John (59)

Jameson, John (61)

Johnston, Baptist (62)

Jones, Loftus (64)

Jones, Thomas Morres or Bumper Squire Jones (65)

Jordan, Robert (66)

Judge, Abigail (from O'Neill)

Judge, Mrs. (68) 
Kelly, Daniel (70)

Kelly, Hugh (71)

Kelly, Mabel (73)
Lamentation, The Clergy's (207)

Lament for Charles MacCabe (209) **Not in Tune Book**
Lament for Terence MacDonough (210)

Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill (211)

Lamentation, Squire Wood's, on the Refusal of his Halfpence (213)

Leixlip, Thomas the Proud  (from O'Neill)

MacCabe, Lament for Charles (209) **Not in Tune Book**
MacDermott, Miss or The Princess Royal (87)

MacDermott Roe, Mrs. Anne (82)

MacDermott Roe, Elizabeth (83)

MacDermott Roe, Henry First Air (78)

MacDonough, Dolly (88)  **Not in Tune Book**

MacDonough, Lament for Terence (210)

MacDonough, Young Terence (from O'Neill) **Not in Tune Book**

Magan, Morgan (92)

Magennis, Kitty (94)

Maguire, Constantine (96)

Malone, Margaret (98)

Maxwell, Mrs. first air (101)

Morton, Peggy (104)

Murphy, Miss (105)
Noble, Miss (106)

Nugent, Grace (110)

O'Connor, John  (114)

O'Connor, Maurice second air (116)

O’Connor, Maurice third air (117)

O'Connor, Mr.  (113)

O'Conor, "Planxty" Charles (125)

Ode to Whiskey (197)

O'Donnell, Hugh (127)

O'Hara, Kean first air (130)

O'Hara, Kean third air (132)

O'Kane, Captain Henry (133)

O'More, Katherine or The Hawk of Ballyshannon (134)- variation on "Port Atholl", composed by Rory Dall O'Cathain  **Not in Tune Book**

One Bottle More (198)  **Not in Tune Book**

O'Neill, Lament for Owen Roe (211)

O'Neill, Mary or Carolan's Favorite Jig (137)

O'Reilly of Athcarne (138) **Not in Tune Book**

O'Reilly, Conor (139) **Not in Tune Book**

O'Reilly, John second air (141) **Not in Tune Book**

The O'Rourke's Feast (199)

Palmer, Frank (146)

Parsons, Squire (147)

Planxty #12  **Newly discovered in County Leitrim, The Grier Cllection** later variation is "Over the Moor to Maggie"

Planxty Burke (14)

Planxty Crilly (21)

Planxty Drew (41)

"Planxty" Colonel John Irwin (59)

"Planxty"Charles O'Conor (125)

Planxty Sweeney (164) 
Plunkett, Eleanor (150)

Power, David (153)  **Not in Tune Book**

Power, Mrs. or Carolan's Concerto (154)

Power, Fanny (155)

Pratt, Mervyn (156)

The Princess Royal or Miss MacDermott (87)

Reynolds George (157) **Not in Tune Book**

The Seas are Deep (200)
Separation of Soul and Body (201)

Sheebeg and Sheemore (202)

Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Refusal of his Halfpence (213)

St. John, Lady (158) 
Stafford, Dr. John or Carolan's Receipt (161) 

Sudley, Captain or Carolan's Dowry (163)
Sweeney,Planxty (164)

Waller, Mr. (165)

Wrixon, Lady (169)

Wynne, General (170)

Young Terence MacDonough (from O'Neill) **Not in Tune Book**