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Kitty Magennis Sheet Music For Bob Frost's Small Session --5th Annual Carolan Festival 2011




Here's the sheet music I'll be working from for Kitty Magennis and I do recommend GrĂ¡inne Hambly's version on her Golden Lights and Green Shadows album. She plays it slower than moderato but the notes are all there and then some. Those who have Amazing Slow Downer, or similar software, can raise the playback pitch by two semitones to move the tune from G Dorian to A Dorian. (pdf files - Click on each to open:)

Kitty Magennis - F

Kitty Magennis - G


Henry MacDermott Roe (1st Air) & Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Refusal of His Halfpence for Andrea Mori's Small Session -- 5th Annual Carolan Festival 2011 (pdf file - Click to open both:)

Henry MacDermott Roe (1st Air) & Squire Wood's Lamentation


George Brabazon 2nd Air (7), Captain O'Kane (harmony) (133) and Loftus Jones (64) (intense counter-melody) for Cathryn Norris' Small Session -- 5th Annual Carolan Festival 2011

Just a note for those who use them:  these (sheet music scans) are absolutely copyrighted and not to be used for recording or publishing.  To perform them publicly my permission is required: depending on the venue/context, a phone call or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) may be enough along with oral or printed acknowledgment of my name.

George Brabazon 2nd Air

Captain O'Kane (harmony)

Loftus Jones (counter melody)


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