carolanstatue2 CAROLAN FESTIVAL

Proceeds from the following items go back into funding the Festival:

-2010, 2011, & 2012 Highlights DVDs (each 30 min.): $15 each, or 3 for $30 (add $4 S&H)

-"Archive" DVD: 2007-2009 Highlights (90 min.):$15 (add $4 S&H)

will Ship complete DVD collection for $4 S&H (more for multiple copies)

-2008 DVD is available for $5 (included in Archive DVD). 

-The Carolan Tune Book (80+Tunes). Beautifully engraved by Nancy Taube- uniform formatting and easy to read!

Spiral binding & color cover: $15. ($19 incl. S&H)


To place an order please E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.